Make Sure to Grab One of These After You Vote!

October 13, 2020 by Max Garrett

I was watching the vice presidential debate when I saw, as many others, a peculiar fly that stole the entire show. Many speculated about what it meant, but I was there and I know exactly why that fly made an appearance. It wanted attention! Once it left, I took off after it. I follwed that fly through a parking lot, over a little hill, and right up to an early polling place.

This little fly seemed to know that I was following it. It beckoned me to vote. But that wasn't all! I grabbed my ballot and went into the booth, and there the fly appeared again. It walked around the ballot, deciding who and what I should fote for. This ballot was not mine. It belonged to The Great and Mighty Fly!

So how did The Fly vote?

Well, I don't really feel comfortable revealing The Fly's picks. I can, however, tell you a few things about how it voted that really stood out for me

The Fly's ballot

So let's all study up on the issues, and then show how proud we are to not only vote, but vote informedly and responsibly. Let's show The Fly and its larval offspring what we're made of!

SPECIAL PROMOTION: For a Limited Time, Get Recognition From The Fly (or at least pretend that it cares)!
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